Crystal Clear, applying many years’ experience in cleaning and maintenance lounges, has developed methods to clean vessels. Cleaning and maintenance is not a simple task. The vessels are daily exposed to harsh conditions.

Metal, plastic and mostly wooden, fabric and leather surfaces suffer under these conditions. The daily exposure to salt, high temperature and solar radiation discomfort and reduces their lifespan.

In Crystal Clear, we also know very well the need for skin cleansing and moisturizing. Rejuvenate and repair the leather parts, giving them back shine and vitality.

Using innovative American products, we remove the signs of aging of the leather components, giving them life again!

Crystal Clear is here to give beauty and protect your property.

Boat cleaning and care, vessel salon disinfection and deodorization, of the interior and precious surfaces of your vessel.

We offer:

  • Cleaning boat interior
  • Disinfection and deodorization the interior of the vessel
  • Special cleaning where there are intense stains or odors
  • Professional polishing with the best products
  • Colour care and maintenance
  • Scratches removal
  • Cleaning of paint overspray, salts, resins, tar, adhesives
  • Colour recovery, to its original condition
  • Cleaning, grooming plastic or metal parts
  • Cleaning, grooming, and maintenance of wooden surfaces
  • Cleaning, grooming carpets, upholstery, leather
  • Repair – maintenance of leather seats
  • Removing coffee, oil, dust, mud, chewing gum, yellowness by cigarette smoke, unpleasant odors
Boat Interior
Boat Interior
Boat Interior


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