Since 1986, Crystal Clear specialized in polishing, waxing, cleaning, and car care. Impeccable colour restore and 5 years warranty, that only Crystal Clear can guarantee!

For many of us, our car is our second home, and we want as much as possible to be clean and beautiful. Unfortunately, the time required is not always available, as well as the necessary tools for proper cleaning.

90% of our customers who had decided to paint their car, after their acquaintance with Crystal Clear, changed their minds saving a lot of money.

So in this area, we take action! Before you consider painting your car or motorbike, come and meet us, and we will make you a FREE demonstration.

We offer:

  • Car Polishing
  • Car Colour Reset
  • Car Scratches Repair
  • Car Waxing with Ceramic – Teflon – Titanium – Krytox products
  • Plastic Parts Maintenance – Polishing – Care
  • Rubber Parts Maintenance – Polishing – Care
  • Exterior Surface Grinding – Polishing – Waxing
  • We specialize in the Cleaning and Care of the outside of the car
Cleaning of foreign bodies: paints, resins, scratches, etc. We are confident that you will immediately change your mind about painting your car, saving lots of money.


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