Crystal Clear is authorized by Madico® on putting window sun protection films!

Our authorized workshop undertakes the installation of high-quality films in your car with the authenticity of Madico®.

After fitting, we immediately give all our clients a written lifetime warranty!

Partners of Crystal Clear, the renowned American window film manufacturer Madico®.

With Madico® Automotive Tint Films we achieve:

  • Reducing the temperature of the cabin of the car.
  • Faster area cooling from the air conditioner.
  • Reduced fuel consumption, by reducing the air conditioner.
  • Occupant & plastics protection from ultraviolet radiation UVA / UVB.
  • Reduce glare, helping to better and safer driving.
  • Improving the external appearance of your car.
They don’t unstick/ not doing blisters
(Not water-soluble and have no problem to sunlight, moisture, in the rain, etc.)
No engraving on surface
(Anti-scratch layer to withstand everyday professional cleaning, scratches, dust, etc.)


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