Crystal Clear, having the expertise and experience of cleansing, has developed methods for cleaning and polishing your engine. And guess what…

The results are amazing! The engine looks BRAND NEW!

Old type engines damaged by weather conditions or mistreatment and poor maintenance, get dirty easily. Dirt left over can be mud or oils. Worse, can be both together. The result, together with high temperatures an engine reaches, burns on it and makes cleaning very difficult.

Also, with the care & maintenance that it gets, it avoids rusting the metal surfaces, as well as abnormalities in electronics (high voltage, plugs, fuse boxes, switches, alarm, battery, etc.) which may arise from mud settle.

Cleaning and polishing an engine is, therefore, a not so simple task because it has very persistent stench and the environment is particularly vulnerable, as there are sensitive electrical circuits in the same space. Cleaning and polishing the engine concern the metal surfaces and plastic surfaces too. Ensure their protection without fading or loss of elasticity of the “bad” chemicals marketed.

Engine dirty
Engine clean


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