Cleaning – Disinfection | Houses – Offices – Retail

καθαρισμοί χαλιών μοκετών απολύμανση

Crystal Clear 20 years now engaged in cleaning, sanitizing, polishing and care of various surfaces. The great expertise in this area guarantees amazing results restoring your precious items to their original state.

καθαρισμοί απολύμανση μοκέτων χαλιών
Cleaning and disinfection of carpets, furniture and upholstery. Remove any dirt and also remove all the germs, thus creating a healthy and clean environment for you and your children. Cleaning and disinfection in the home, in your shop, in your office.


καθαρισμοί ταπετσαρία καναπέ

Cleaning – disinfection in wallpaper, remove any stain restoring to its original condition.
 At your place comes experienced staff with specialized machinery. Eliminate the most stubborn stains and odors without harming your surfaces.


We offer:

  • Cleaning – disinfection of houses, cleaning tables.
  • Cleaning – disinfection – Carpet Care – Carpet.
  • Cleaning – disinfection cabinets.
  • Cleaning – disinfection stores.
  • Ozone disinfection.
  • Deodorize homes, offices, shops.


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