Polishing – Waxing – Cleaning – Boat Care



The vast expertise in Crystal Clear cleaning, polishing, protection and maintenance of external surfaces in conjunction with the best products, brings amazing results that only Crystal Clear can guaranteed.


Cleaning, polishing, grooming of vessels is important for the appearance, but most for their protection. Stainless steel, plastic, wood surfaces suffers daily from severe weather and sea salt.


We offer:

  • Wax with Teflon, Titanium, Krytox.
  • Professional cleaning, polishing – waxing with the best products.
  • Renewal and maintenance of internal or external color.
  • Remove scratches externally or internally.
  • Cleaning of paint overspray, salts, resins.
  • Polishing – Care, maintenance metal parts.
  • Polishing – Care and maintenance of wooden surfaces.
  • Polishing – Waxing, maintenance of plastic parts.
  • Repair scratches vessels.
  • Polishing- Waxing, grooming and restore the color to its original condition.

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