Films Madico Car

 Crystal Clear is authorized by MADICO in putting sunscreen Films MADICO.

Partners of Crystal Clear the famous American company for sun membranes Car MADICO. Authorized workshop undertakes placing the membranes in your car. The Tinted Films Car MADICO stamped authenticity.
By placing the membranes given a written guarantee lifetime!

With Tinted Films Car MADICO achieve:

  • Reducing the temperature of the cabin of the car.
  • Faster cooling area from the air.
  • Reduced fuel consumption, by reducing the air conditioner.
  • Occupant protection and plastic from ultraviolet radiation UVA / UVB.
  • Reduce glare helping to better quality and safer driving.
  • Improving the external appearance of your car.

In addition:

  • There unstuck / not doing Blisters
    -(The adhesives are not water soluble and have no problem to sunlight, moisture, etc. in the rain)
  • No engraving on surface
    -(Feature anti-scratch coating to withstand everyday professional cleaning, scratches, dust, etc.)

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