Defog Headlights – Crystallization Headlights

defog-headlights  Crystal Clear has the expertise and the right products to make as good as new with the old and yellowed lights of your car. The lanterns of the car apart from the beauty that gives takes an active part in your security.
In many cars the lights turn yellow after a few years. The cost of the lantern is not at all low and some models are untouchable! Before making their purchase, visit us and possibly save yourself a lot of money by technology demisting – crystallization lanterns that we have.

The service we provide “demist – crystallization Lantern” turns them into new!

The lights of your car suffer daily from the high temperature during use, the temperature and humidity of the environment and especially from solar rays.
Manicured and shiny lights except the elegance offered in your vehicle is the main source of lighting for your vehicle. With its care upgraded the safety and quality of driving.

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