Car Cleaning – Disinfection Cabin

Car Cleaning - Disinfection Car cabin
 We specialize in cleaning and disinfecting salon cars. Leather, fabric or alcantara salons as well (seats, sky, floor, luggage etc.).

Car Cleaning - Disinfection Car cabin
 The cabin of the car is our reality and the space that we spend most of our time. Beyond appearance is necessary and medically imposed proper cleaning and proper disinfection of the area as it has a direct impact on our health.

Having 20 years experience in car cleaning and specialized knowledge of the sensitivity of the materials used for the construction of living in a car, we ensure complete hygiene, using innovative products in a completely neutral way.

Cleansing removes: coffee, grease, dust, mud, chewing gum, yellowness by cigarette smoke, unpleasant odors and anything else which could be characterized dirt.

Repairing of your leather seats.

Repair leather Repair leather Repair leather

In Crystal Clear cleansing and moisturizing the skin is something we know very well. Revitalise the leather parts of your car giving back shine and vitality. Using innovative products remove signs of aging of the leather parts of your car giving them life again!

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